Thursday, May 31, 2012

Losing his Religion - more than an suggestive title

Losing His Religion is my very first MM romance.  I’ve written in other genres, but this story came to me and it just begged to be written.  A good friend of mine is a gay lit author and she told me to go for it. 

So I did.  It was a lot of fun to write, and the characters really grew on me.  Sex scenes were something of a new adventure for me, and then add in all the “he, he, he’s” and, well, it was a romp around the English language, for sure.

What’s a Soul Collector, you ask?  It’s a human who is gifted with an extraordinary power – he can save another human’s soul from being stolen by a demon and taken to Hell.  That soul is then “collected” within him until he either passes or finds a way to release those souls into a sanctuary. 

The strength of those souls also magnifies the Collector’s strength and power, which he can wield in the form of white light.  Which of course, harms Hell Demons.

Plans for the series has it continuing the journey through (potentially) seven more novellas, or maybe even more.  More Otherworldlies will come into the fray as the story progresses, and they can’t wait to have their time in the sun.  Well, not the Vamps.  But, that’s another story.

Also, look for my short story Diamond:  The Men of Rock Candy to be in the Evernight Publishing MM Anthology in August.

Blurb – Losing His Religion

The Soul Collectors, 1

Discarded most of his life, Jamie had learned as a teen that he was a Soul Collector, one of a mysterious group who fought the demons that attacked fellow humans.  Cast out into the world, alone, the orphan fought hard to find his way, ending up in a seminary of all places.  But chastity wasn’t a problem. He had no time or trust for relationships, let alone love.

Ios felt protective of the Soul Collector, the one the prophecy claimed would one day be his mate.  Following the human for years, Ios had done everything he could to ensure his safety without stepping out of the shadows.  He also held his lust in check, knowing Jamie would never accept him.

The time was upon them to join forces.  Could Jamie handle who and what Ios was, and trust the growing feelings between them before it was too late?

Excerpt – Losing His Religion
©2012, Alex Bowman

“So did you?”
“Did I?”
“Know I was yours the moment you saw me?”  Jamie pinned him with a look of lust he’d never quite seen flash on the man’s face before.
Mine.  Ios’s felt the rush of need spiral through him with such force that it nearly took him to his knees.  His cock thickened and he felt his balls tighten.  His whispered “Yes…” floated on the air, his body trembling with the hard-won control to stand in place and not cross the room and force the human to the floor under him.
“I don’t know that I believe in fated lovers, predetermined to find one another.”
“I’m not asking you to believe in anything.”  Ios believed enough for the both of them. 
“I will admit, there is something…” 
Something?  “What?” He needed Jamie to say it, that he wanted Ios.  Needed Ios.
Jamie’s face flamed and he glanced down, apparently unable to put the emotions he felt into words.
Fuck it.  Control is overrated.
Ios stomped across the small space, grasped Jamie’s head in his hands and pressed his lips against the smoldering heat of the human’s mouth.  Swallowing the gasp of pleasure, he thrust his tongue into Jamie’s mouth and tasted the ale left lingering there, as well as the heat and taste of his male.
When he felt Jamie’s hands spreading across his chest and moving down his stomach, he tightened his whole body, needing for the hands to venture further south, needing the male to show him that he wanted more through his exploration.  As warm hands rubbed against his hardened cock through his jeans he could have shouted in joy.  He deepened the kiss, pressing his hips forward, languishing in the caress from his male.
Ripping the shirt open, baring Jamie’s chest, the tinkering of buttons hitting the stone floor echoed around him.  Ios spread his fingers along the hard muscles before him.  Jamie removed the shirt, dropping it to the floor.  The material puddled around his feet and Ios wanted more to follow.  His shaking fingers pulled at the belt buckle Jamie wore, and he tugged at the leather, not wanting to remove his lips from the human’s.
Pulling back, he was afraid the moment would be lost if he could not keep Jamie in a frenzy.  His need was too great.  He could not be denied this time.  Ios would have the male now, or he would explode.
Warm hands steadied his.  “Let me.”
Jamie gazed into his eyes, slowly removing the belt and dropping it to the floor.  His hands then went to the top of his pants and he unbuttoned them.  The slow pull of the zipper reminded him that he was overclothed as well.  Ios removed his t-shirt in a flash and kicked off his shoes.  By the time his pants were gone, Jamie also stood naked. 
His hands ached to touch the male, to explore every single inch of flesh he had to offer up for his inspection.  Jamie was beautiful.  Small, firm muscles curved over his slim build, his skin nearly unmarred.  The wound in his chest was no longer visible.
A small smattering of blond hair started below his belly button and thickened as it surrounded his jutting cock.  Fully erect, it stood proud against his stomach, a pearl of fluid shining at the tip of the purple head.  Thick veins spread along the shaft and Ios’s mouth watered to taste the flesh.  Dropping to his knees before his human, he got a closer look at what the male had to offer.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Evocative Images - Joem Bayawa

In the business of research I found Joem Bayawa, photographer extraordinaire. Joem is one of the most talented photographers I've seen. He knows how to draw emotions from his models that leaves the viewer entranced. Joem is a freelance photographer who learned the business on his own. He's self-taught, finding true passion in taking photos in the Chicagoland area. Joem's expertise is in portraiture, fashion, fitness and glamour. Joem also helps models build their portfolios. Enjoy the portraits by Joem.

One of my favorite of Joem's model's is Jordan

Jordan is such a multi dimensional model. He's hot, but his expressions speak volumes.

I love Zach too. 

And then there are these two which I found today.

Visit Joem at on Facebook to find out more about his photography.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

What Happens When You Go Orgy?

In my book Selling It, I have my character attend an orgy. There's this bar, Clinks, where gay men go to get off. They have this nice little upstairs room where the sex happens fast and hard. Here's a little teaser from Selling It, not the orgy scene, but close.

The parking lot at the front was full, which forced him to park on the street and feed the meter a few quarters. The place was packed and for just a moment he thought about leaving, but no other bar would satisfy him like he wanted to be satisfied tonight. He didn’t want to examine too closely why he was here. What drove him to do this when he could just as easily take care of this at home, while he browsed the Internet for sexy pictures of naked men?

Blaine didn’t waste any time. He headed upstairs and into the women’s bathroom. The men’s bathroom was for business, and the women’s was for relief. If any women actually came in here, they were told to use the bathroom at the bar next door.

The dim lights hid shadowy figures that grunted in the corners. It only took two minutes for someone to come over. He was small and looked kind of Asian, which turned Blaine on. Of course, Blaine didn’t care what the dude looked like tonight; getting off was the only thing that mattered, but it helped that the guy was beautiful.

The man sank to his knees and unbuckled Blaine’s belt, then snapped open the button at Blaine’s waistband. The slide of his zipper brought a rush of blood to Blaine’s dick. Before the man on his knees could push Blaine’s underwear lower, his cock was rock hard.

The stress and pressure of working a new case fled as the stranger slid his lips over Blaine’s knob. Blaine felt the hottie’s tongue flick the tip, and he let go even further. The warm mouth worked miracles. His tongue slid around the ridge, then he sucked down on Blaine, taking in his whole rod.
All Blaine could think about was the hot mouth sucking his dick and the stranger’s hands grabbing on to his ass cheeks. He didn’t care that the man servicing him was a total stranger. Didn’t want to think about what the person’s name was, whether he was a criminal or a good guy, or if Blaine knew him in real life. All he wanted was to concentrate on the slide of lips and tongue on his cock and the welcoming warmth. For a short while, Blaine could fool himself into believing that this dude actually cared about him.

The man grazed his teeth against the ridge of Blaine’s dick. Blood pumped harder through Blaine’s veins. His balls tightened and his dick grew bigger. For a moment Blaine’s vision went blank as his whole body went cold and tight.

The stranger sped up his pace, tipping the scale of Blaine’s desire. The build-up of cum popped and he shot his load straight down the stranger’s throat. Usually Blaine pulled out and came into a rag, but he hadn’t brought one with him tonight. He was clean, but the penis-muncher on his knees didn’t know that.

The stranger stood up and left, not even looking back at Blaine. He hated places like this, but the escape was balm to his soul. Coming to Clinks was an addiction, and he knew it. Relationships were too hard. That road only held painful questions and hard decisions. He liked this arrangement better.
Blaine zipped up his pants and buckled his belt. Another stranger approached, but Blaine waved him off. He was done here. He needed to hit the sack before midnight and he still hadn’t eaten dinner.

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What Shade of Gay Are You?

Hello Everyone, my name is Sara and I'll be featuring gay authors and their books, discussing gay Pride, the lifestyle, posting a few pictures and otherwise trying to have a rocking good time. Please join me as I start off this blog with some serious man candy.

And from my favorite photographer Joem Bayawa

Come back later when I feature some of my favorite authors.